Personally delivering and chatting about the event is by far the best way to get people to come to your day at DC’s Backyard Grill. Friends, family and volunteers are the perfect resource for this type of event. Encourage them to hand the flyers out at work, meetings, etc….


Averages of 33 flyers are returned for groups that distribute up to 500 flyers. Averages of 51 flyers are returned for groups that distribute up to 750 flyers. These are just estimates. Ultimately, the enthusiasm with which the organization promotes the event is the biggest factor in success.


Think about when to pass out your flyers. Distributing flyers to your supporters 1-2 weeks in advance is optimal. You will receive an electronic version three weeks in advance so you have enough time to print and/or email.


For those that you can’t hand out personally, attach a personal note. “There’s a new kind of FUNdraiser in town that’s so easy! You have to eat, right?! Well, you can feed your family and support <organization> at the <location> DC’s Backyard Grill on <date> with the attached flyer. Don’t forget the flyer! The more you eat, the more money we raise, as 20%* of each check is donated back to <organization name>. The FUNdraiser is from 12 – 6 p.m. If you have friends, family, and co-workers that want to have lunch, dinner, or carryout, send them in with a photocopy of this flyer. Many thanks in advance from <organization> for your support and for dining at DC’s Backyard Grill on <date>.”


Have realistic expectations. Consider the dollar amount of funds you want to receive from the FUNdraiser. For example, if your goal is to earn $400, at 20%, your organization needs to bring in $2,000 in sales. If an average guest spends $10.00 at DC’s Backyard Grill, then approximately 200 people would need to participate in the FUNdraiser to reach your $2,000 goal. Remember that guests typically eat in groups of two or more, so your flyers are twice as effective!


Email is a great way to send out the flyer cost effectively. To open a .PDF file, your computer must have an Adobe .PDF reader. The most recent version is available for free – download at Include contact information in your email, just in case any of your recipients are unable to print the flyer and would like to pick one up. Please use the verbiage from the flyer in any communications about the FUNdraiser. It should be clear that the event does not discount meals, it simply raises funds for your group.


If you are a teacher/ professor, offer extra credit for dining at DC’s Backyard Grill on your select date. Be sure to set a minimum spending amount to help boost your sales. For example, you could offer a few extra points to a student who turns in a DC’s Backyard Grill receipt dated from the day of your FUNdraiser date for a purchase of $20 or more. Get creative!


Utilize any print materials you already have. Stuff the flyers in the newsletters or magazines already set to go out. If you have the resources, utilize Public Service Announcements on the radio. Be sure to let listeners know how they can get a flyer. “Contact <Name> and <Nonprofit Organization> will email a flyer to you.” Take advantage of any opportunity to announce your FUNdraiser to groups willing to support your cause (i.e.: group sporting events, PTA meetings, etc.)


Your organization’s motivation makes or breaks this FUNdraiser!  Enthusiasm and encouragement are the keys to your success.


*Please remember that flyer distribution on DC’s Backyard Grill premises is prohibited.